Comments from the 2012 Willoughby week

  • This week was probably the most informative and fun professional development session I have ever attended. I am enormously grateful!
  • I am very grateful to Pat, Andy, Jim, Brenda, Todd, and Ryan for delivering a fantastic 2012 Willoughby Institute Program. Thank you.
  • Excellent work – very glad I attended!
  • It was hard to pick out which sessions were most helpful. There were so many that were useful. I enjoyed most those that I could immediately apply to my teaching and research–and those that took in some “bigger picture” questions about what pedagogy and scholarship should *be*.
  • These are mostly the technologies that I can see myself using in the near future. All were presented well.
  • The program was very well thought-out and the timing every day was appropriate. Having all the information in Moodle is very helpful to review specific topics that I may include in my classes.
  • Every session, I believed, was delivered at the right level and hands on worked the best for me. I already use some of the tools presented in the sessions but iMovie, Podcasting, Prezi, Many Eyes, Imaging, Google Earth were fantastic sessions in my opinion. The final roundtable with Willoughby Alums was very enlightening session too.
  • These presentations were so valuable for my classes that I wanted to create examples right a way. May be with more time we could have done it. I am planing to use them in the near future.
  • I hope to use some of these techniques in my teaching and research talks. GapMinder and ManyEyes seem like they would be the first ones Id use.
  • I will definitely look into using gap minder (datasets and presentation tool) for teaching. I’m also interested in using SIMILE for a timeline I have in my research.
  • These were great examples, across the curriculum, on the various ways that video assignments would be useful. This session helped me to think about how I might incorporate a video assignment in one of my courses.
  • I learned the difference between PowerPoint and Prezi. This really changes my plans for class.
  • Jim’s talk was one of the highlights of this week. I really like how he has clearly thought a lot about how to present the information to get people to see the value in using GIS technology. His use of the US map was brilliant. Most of us are so familar with it that once he started to overlay the spatial data our minds were cranking! This is a clever way of using students prior knowledge to anchor new concepts. It has been a long time since I have been that impressed with a presentation like that. Jim truly has a gift and our students are benefiting from it!
  • Most significant – how easy this is to do. Yes, I realize that a good podcast requires lots of planning and editing (and redoing), but the mechanics were not as complicated as I had thought they would be.
  • Podcasts. I will try to incorporate podcasts into my FYS this semester. This will replace a final paper. I never really realized how I could use a podcast in my classes. When I realized that the students create podcasts by first writing their script and then adding some creativity to it, I realized this would be just like assessing a writing assignment with some added content. There were a lot of these “Oh yeah” moments for me this past week. I am embarrassed to say. I really felt like I was not that technologically naive but I am. Better now though!
  • This session was one of the most helpful. The information on MOOCs was especially balanced and insightful.
  • I was most interested in the blogging and how I might incorporate it into my teaching.
  • I appreciate time to *try* something and then ask questions.
  • Delicious will be very useful for upper level research projects where students and I can share links.
  • I will incorporate storytelling as an option for students interested in this digital format, particularly Prezi.
  • I am interested in using googledocs to teach revision. Also, I want to think about how to incorporate google scholar effectively
  • Just the amazing multiplicity and usefulness of google docs. ┬áIt’s terrific.


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