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Sleeping Child

Sleep and Body Becoming One

Researchers at various institutions in Australia came together to conduct research on sleep habits and body mass index (BMI) in children. It is no surprise that sleep is…


Metal and Bacteria: A Great, but Unlikely Combination

Researchers at Purdue University recently investigated antibiotic resistance of bacterial strains. Antibiotics are intended to kill bacteria that cause infections in humans. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there is…


The Hidden Complexity of Crohn’s Disease

Researchers that study nutrition, immunology, and gastroenterology recently conducted research on an inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a chronic condition that cannot be…

Women holding heart

Childhood Experiences “Attacking” the Heart

Scientists that specialize in cardiovascular systems recently conducted research regarding the development of cardiovascular disease in adults. The heart is one of the most crucial organs within the…

Baby Delivery

Early Arrival: What are the risks?

Researchers in the department of global public health and primary care at the University of Bergen in Norway recently investigated pregnancy term complications. Term complications and premature births…

Medical Worker

The Pressure Is On

Researchers in the department of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital recently conducted research on medical interns. Medical interns are subjected to extreme amounts of pressure and stress….

breast cancer ribbon cookies

All Women are at Risk and a Quarter Worldwide are Diagnosed!

The word breast does not seem scary until it is placed beside the word cancer. Breast cancer (BC) is a disease with a morbidity rate of about 28%…

cancer cells

The Most Innovative Species on Earth: Cancer

Cancer is a word that most of society fears. The reason being that cancer is extremely smart and innovative, but this means that in order to beat cancer,…


Cataracts to Cadillac: Improving Quality of Life

At the University of California, Shirley Eye Institute research is being done on improvements in surgical techniques and patient care that lead to advantageous outcomes for patients of…

Organ system

After D comes E: Digest and Excrete Without Trouble

Irish Doctors came together to conduct research on modern surgery approaches for ulcerative colitis (UC), hoping to determine the best methods to decrease patient risk and increase their…