Chemotherapy Shows Promise For Patients With Brain Tumors


Long-term follow-up results from The Radiation Therapy Oncology Group(RTOG) have shown that adult patients with brain tumors live longer if they receive chemotherapy after undergoing radiation treatment. Specifically, adults with low grade gliomas have shown the best results.

These brain tumors grow at a much slower pace than their relatives gliablastomas which are much more common. The study was conducted by recruiting 251 patients gliomas and following their different treatment regimens. All of them received both surgery and radiation therapy. After this, one half of the patients were randomly assigned to 6 cycles of of chemotherapy while the rest stopped their treatment. The three chemotherapy drugs they used were procarbizine, lomustine, and vincristine.

The results showed that the patients who received chemotherapy post-radiation therapy had a median survival time of 13.3 years versus 7.8 years for the patients who only received radiation treatment. This study will change doctor’s practices and will develop even more individualized treatment.

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