Getting Rid of Your Hiccups

One of the home remedies (bending and drinking water) that stops hiccups.

April 1, 2014– Everyone gets hiccups, but not everyone is able to say what they are. Hiccups are the diaphragm’s involuntary, repetitive, and spasmodic contractions. Only rarely, do they last longer than a couple of hours. However, some people have intractable hiccups that continue for months and call for medical attention.

Last month, a clinical trial led by Yuka Matsuki at the University of Fukui in Japan was published in the Pain Physician Journal and studied a drug called pregabalin, which treats epilepsy and seizures. The study offered a drug that could cure these prolonged hiccups that cause sleep deprivation and abdominal pain.

The researchers presented a case of intractable hiccups, in which a 65-year-old man’s hiccups continued for 3 years with increasing intensity. After failed attempts of using anesthetic drugs, such as lidocaine, to suspend the hiccups, Matsuki and his team looked to drugs that treat similar spasms and found pregabalin from their search. After treating the patient with oral pregabalin, the hiccups stopped completely.

For the people that suffer from intractable hiccups, this drug offers treatment to put an end to their hiccups with less side effects than traditional drugs previously used as treatment.

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