Cup of who?

I have been thinking of a blog project idea for about two weeks now taking into consideration my interests, skills, and weaknesses. I think that the idea I am into most is one where the blog would be called “cup of who?”. I love coffee and many of my family friends know this! Each post written will be done so with a cup of coffee, preferably at a different place each time. I also love people, and as a psychology major I love observing them. I do not always use the most scientific ways of observation, but I find myself constantly observing. The blog will look into the people around me or having a conversation with them and retelling it. If I am about others on a given day then the blog will be about myself.

I am not sure exactly what I would say about myself but I do know I want to use an informal tone and keep writing to a medium amount. As Carroll said, “online readers do not like to read long columns of text unless the content is extremely compelling” (155).  My audience could be anyone who wants to read something light, catch a quick story, or know where to get a good (or bad) cup of coffee. My friends have always told me I can read people well and I have great stories to tell and these are things I want to share. Although, in each post I will try to pose an interesting topic or question to leave the reader with so they come back to read more and create a community. I hope to post a minimum of twice a week especially because of the tip given by Carroll, “three hallmarks of most good blogs: First, they are updated frequently..” (154).

I am hoping that I can make the layout of my blog somewhat urban and minimalist looking. In addition, I would like to use a clean white background with medium size font, but perhaps have a small icon that moves with the page. I would also like to post a picture of each coffee I get and under it have to location and what was ordered. If the coffee order was done with specific reason that will be explained. As we have talked about in class, blogs create connection between the writer and readers. Because of this I would like to have a medium size bibliography about why I started this particular blog and include humor.

That is one challenge that I expect to face. I am actually majorly sarcastic and thought originally I wanted to create funny blog that included my sarcasm. Fo my first blog ever I do not think that route is in my best interest, but a challenge may be incorporating that humor in a simple blog. I hope that by reading writing for digital media and revising that I can remember to fit in my true sarcastic tone to a certain degree. Hopefully my mix of observations and tone will help me to build a community because, “readers become active partners rather than passive consumers.”

Some blogs like mine include:,, and These blogs do differ from mine though because they talk more about the origin of the coffee they are drinking, rather connecting it to life.

2 thoughts on “Cup of who?”

  1. I think this is a great idea. I also think many people underestimate the power of a random conversation and often overlook the importance of many interactions they have. That’s where I think your blog can do a great job highlighting everyday interactions and conversations. There is something about coffee shops, conversations over coffee, coffee dates, coffee meetings etc. that bring an intimacy to any interaction and therefore your observations or participation seems especially interesting. I would hope that this blog is full of your own voice and the voices of those you interact with. I also agree that it should be updated regularly because interesting situations happen everyday and it would be great if you could capture as many of them as possible.

  2. Carson, I think this is a very cool idea and perfectly captures your interests in coffee and people. I’m wondering if you’ve considered inviting specific people out for coffee for some of your posts – especially if you know that that individual has an interesting story to tell. This idea leaves a lot of room for participant-observation, which usually reveals interesting and insightful results. Because I know you well – and I know that you’re very funny – I feel like your blog would definitely have room for some humor. If not sarcasm, at least a funny anecdote here and there.

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