Pave the Way!

 Pave the Way!


Have you ever been close to graduating from college and wonder “What`s next?” And if you get your degree, how do you enter the job market? How are you going to distinguish yourself in it?


opportunities - Don't happen, you create them - Chris Grosser


Like Chris Grosser explains, you are responsible for pursuing opportunities, creating a professional profile and seeking ways to improve your professional image. However, these elements vary according to profession.

As a future English- Spanish sworn translator, my blog posts are going to encompass topics related on the translation profession: finding clients, improving translation credentials, language issues, translation ethics and tools.

How to prospect new clients?

As Céline Graciet expresses in her blog, websites, profesional networking and word-of-mouth are the best way to promote yourself. At the same time, websites are double-edged sword because, as a person who works with language and makes meaning, a translator should watch their language.

How do you improve your credentials?

We will follow Marta Stelmaszak`s suggestions on her chapter, You need a CV that works.Her book will help us create a CV that reflects a profesional profile.

Keeping yourself constantly updated on language usage

You can resort to monolingual dictionaries in Spanish, to monolingual dictionaries in English, collocations dictionary in English, reference materials about Spanish usage, but you must always be updated and show professionalism through your language usage.

Translation ethics?

Ethics exist in all professional fields and, therefore, we may reflect together with Mona Baker, translation ethics.

Translation tools?

We will explore some tools for translators that will make them save time and look professional to your clients!

As mentioned earlier, finding clients, establishing credentials, improving your language, being ethical, and using translator tools are elements that are going to help you create opportunities in your professional career as a translator or translator to be. If you have just started, don`t drop your guard! Follow my posts and we will work on building a better future!

About Agos

Agostina is an exchange student in Dickinson College. She is currently a senior student in the Spanish- English Translation Program at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.
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