What Can Make or Break a Blog?

The internet is powerful, influential, and dynamic. One blog can be seen by millions of people across the world moments after it’s posted. Even though there are major benefits to such a rapid form of communication, much of what is written on the internet can be misinterpreted and ruin the way an author is perceived or take away from the message he or she is trying to send.

So what can make or break a blog?

  1. Aesthetic

If the readers can’t locate what they are searching for or are unable to find anything interesting to read, they’ll get confused and leave the page. Easy navigation is imperative. Achieve a pleasing look for your readers. Make sure links are easy to read, colors aren’t flashing in their faces, and ads aren’t the largest visual focus. In Lance Hosey’s article, “Why We Love Beautiful Things”, he focuses on the idea that humans are drawn to the visually pleasing. In fact our brain, when triggered makes us “reach for attractive things” he says, and “beauty literally moves us.” If a beautiful sculpture stimulates our brain enough to want to touch it, shouldn’t a beautiful blog do the same? Try finding an appropriate combination of white space and text or  simple colors that blend well together. Don’t be messy and find a balance.

2. Connect With Your Audience

In chapter 7 of Brain Carroll’s book “Writing for Digital Media”, he says  “Blogs offer businesses the opportunity to build informal, lasting relationships with customers”.  Even if your blog isn’t used for business purposes, this can still apply to a personal blog. You need to define who your audience is. A blog written about sports should be catered to the interests of sports fans, a blog written for food should cater to the interest of foodies, and so on. Concentrate on your audiences interests and they will be able to find a way to form a relationship with you and your blog. With a positive relationship formed, the audience can speak well of your blog.

3. Build A Community

The internet allows people from every inch of the world the ability to connect with people anywhere else in the world. Let your blog allow a community to form. Maybe your blog has a comment section or a “like” or “share” option. Allow for your posts to be analyzed so advice can be received. Good feedback is important to improve your blog because people have diverging opinions and ideas that could expand your original ideas. Allow for creativity to flow throughout your blog, and accept feedback with an open mind.

So what can make or break a blog? Keep it simple with not too much crazy colors and ads, find your audience and cater to their needs, and be open to community without getting offended. But most importantly make it something you would want to read because if the ideas are pressing to you,  you will be able to convey them to the readers.


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