Milk Tea(m)

Hi Readers,
I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Greeting from North Head, Beijing. Starting from this month, I began to become a full-time intern this month. After a month interning here, I have already on board, and I am working on monitoring healthcare policies and writing reports. Life is busy but fruitful. Also, I met several awesome people here. I enjoy working with my teammates, and I am glad to involve in North Head.
Team Building? At North Head, we have a very special way to interact with colleagues. We founded a Milk Tea(m)´╝îwhich gives me a chance to talk to people in other teams, which helps me to involve in a new community quickly. It is very popular to order online foods and drinks in China or at least in my worksite. We created a Milk Tea group chat, and we can order milk teas together. The business gets very busy in the afternoon. If one of my colleagues starts to ask in the group chat, the rest of us will start to look at the menu and order accordingly. It is milk tea that brings everyone together, so I call it milk team. 😊

Future insights: it will be easier if I can find something in common with a group.
Hope you all enjoy reading it.
Have a great day.
Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li


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