From Home 🏘 To North Head (NH) 🏢

Hi Readers,

I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Greeting from North Head, Beijing. Today I would like to share my experience of living in a Tired I city, such as Beijing. Going from my home to the worksite is like an adventure for me.

I start working at 9:30 in the morning. This is what it looks like at 9 am in Beijing.

I feel like I am moving because other people are pushing me. It seems not far from the map, but it takes at least 40 minutes to get there from home.

I get on the subway at Sihui East station and get off at Jintaixizhao station with a subway transition from Line 1 to Line 10. Sihui East used to be a transition place between urban and rural Beijing. Today, especially in the morning, I can still see a lot of people coming from outside Beijing and going to work in central Beijing, which makes the station very busy and crowded on weekdays.

It is fascinating to see how people behave differently when they go to work and go back home. In the morning, everyone is busy and walks fast. While in the evening, after a full day of work, most of them are barely moving and sticky with their phones. They are watching movies, reading books, and chatting.

I always do nothing, but people watch. I enjoy guessing what people are doing, which adds to something fun to the boring trip.

Thank you for your attention. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li


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