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Greeting from North Head, Beijing, China. Today I will share a fun fact about my work place. According to my previous posts, my work site is located in central Beijing, which is one of the busiest and richest areas in Beijing. The International Trade Center is around here, and this region is called China World. It is the financial center of Beijing, and it is always considered as a representation of modern Beijing.

Photo credit to the Beijing. gov.

The building named Full Tower is where my office located.

There are two famous buildings right in front of the Full Tower, the new CCTV building and the China Zun. I can see both of them just from the window of my office.

The new CCTV building has been joked for a “leggings building” since it began to construct. It looks like this building has two legs and people and people thought this building is wearing a pair of leggings. Chinese people consider this building as one of the funnies architectures in history.

The CCTV “Leggings” Building

Me and the CCTV building.









Besides, China Zun is the tallest building in Beijing. After it is completed, it would become a new landmark of Beijing.

However, this has become my weather indicator of pollution mark since I move to my apartment. Every morning, I can tell whether the pollution is heavy or not by looking at China Zun. From my home, I can see China Zun if the weather is good enough.

A clear day of Beijing. I can see the building on my way to work.

Beijing with light air pollution. There should be the China Zun but I can not see it in a polluted day.











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Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li

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