Movie + Pizza

Hi Readers,

I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. At North Head, I have a lot of fun time outside of my work.
Lunch is the most relaxing and time. My colleges and I always order deliverable meals online and chat during one-hour lunch time. Besides that, sometimes we hold activities, such as movie lunch, Chinese words cross puzzle, and lunch talent show. Today, I would like to share the most popular movie at my work place – Game of Throne.

My colleagues always plan the movie lunch of time and send out emails to notify the rest. We have watched the 7th season of Game of Throne watched at least four episodes and had pizza, which makes me recall some movie nights in the US. Like always, we have the best combination movie and pizza.

Even though I have not watched previous six seasons, I am glad I can still catch the pace of it. At first, I was a little bit confused about the plot because the complicated relationship of characters and names were bothering me. I ignored the fact that I know nothing about them and I enjoy the drama itself. Yes, I understand it now as I went back to see all previous ones.

Hope you enjoy reading it and do not forget to watch Game of Throne in your free time.

Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li

Happy Birthday🎉

Hi Readers,

I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Greeting from North Head, Beijing. I am going to share with you a great birthday party I had at my worksite.

Last Friday afternoon, my company held a birthday party for whom had a birthday in June and July. Celebrating birthdays is one of the company’s cultures. They hold this kind of event every other month. It is not only a working break but a team building activity.

Cakes… So delicious!

We ordered cakes a week ago, and I had been waiting for this event since then. The moment finally came, and everyone went to the big meeting room. We began with announcing birthday stars in these two months and I was one of the birthday stars. After every name, there was a continuous clapping and cheering. I was very excited and felt so involved in my company. All my colleagues sang birthday songs together, and everyone had their best wishes to birthday stars. I felt so fortunate to meet these friends here. This kind of event helps with team building, and I have received deep friendships with my colleges in the last two months.

This is the first birthday party I had without my parents and classmates, which is a special birthday party to me. It signals that I finally grow up and I am treated as an adult (because I am 21 now 💃🏼).  It was such a relaxing and awesome Friday afternoon and the 21st birthday party.

ME and the birthday cake. I got 2 pieces and 1 for each flavor.

Thank you for keeping up with it. Hope you enjoy.


Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li



Fun Facts about My Worksite

Hi Readers,

Greeting from North Head, Beijing, China. Today I will share a fun fact about my work place. According to my previous posts, my work site is located in central Beijing, which is one of the busiest and richest areas in Beijing. The International Trade Center is around here, and this region is called China World. It is the financial center of Beijing, and it is always considered as a representation of modern Beijing.

Photo credit to the Beijing. gov.

The building named Full Tower is where my office located.

There are two famous buildings right in front of the Full Tower, the new CCTV building and the China Zun. I can see both of them just from the window of my office.

The new CCTV building has been joked for a “leggings building” since it began to construct. It looks like this building has two legs and people and people thought this building is wearing a pair of leggings. Chinese people consider this building as one of the funnies architectures in history.

The CCTV “Leggings” Building

Me and the CCTV building.









Besides, China Zun is the tallest building in Beijing. After it is completed, it would become a new landmark of Beijing.

However, this has become my weather indicator of pollution mark since I move to my apartment. Every morning, I can tell whether the pollution is heavy or not by looking at China Zun. From my home, I can see China Zun if the weather is good enough.

A clear day of Beijing. I can see the building on my way to work.

Beijing with light air pollution. There should be the China Zun but I can not see it in a polluted day.











Hope you enjoy reading it.


Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li

From Home 🏘 To North Head (NH) 🏢

Hi Readers,

I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Greeting from North Head, Beijing. Today I would like to share my experience of living in a Tired I city, such as Beijing. Going from my home to the worksite is like an adventure for me.

I start working at 9:30 in the morning. This is what it looks like at 9 am in Beijing.

I feel like I am moving because other people are pushing me. It seems not far from the map, but it takes at least 40 minutes to get there from home.

I get on the subway at Sihui East station and get off at Jintaixizhao station with a subway transition from Line 1 to Line 10. Sihui East used to be a transition place between urban and rural Beijing. Today, especially in the morning, I can still see a lot of people coming from outside Beijing and going to work in central Beijing, which makes the station very busy and crowded on weekdays.

It is fascinating to see how people behave differently when they go to work and go back home. In the morning, everyone is busy and walks fast. While in the evening, after a full day of work, most of them are barely moving and sticky with their phones. They are watching movies, reading books, and chatting.

I always do nothing, but people watch. I enjoy guessing what people are doing, which adds to something fun to the boring trip.

Thank you for your attention. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li


Milk Tea(m)

Hi Readers,
I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Greeting from North Head, Beijing. Starting from this month, I began to become a full-time intern this month. After a month interning here, I have already on board, and I am working on monitoring healthcare policies and writing reports. Life is busy but fruitful. Also, I met several awesome people here. I enjoy working with my teammates, and I am glad to involve in North Head.
Team Building? At North Head, we have a very special way to interact with colleagues. We founded a Milk Tea(m),which gives me a chance to talk to people in other teams, which helps me to involve in a new community quickly. It is very popular to order online foods and drinks in China or at least in my worksite. We created a Milk Tea group chat, and we can order milk teas together. The business gets very busy in the afternoon. If one of my colleagues starts to ask in the group chat, the rest of us will start to look at the menu and order accordingly. It is milk tea that brings everyone together, so I call it milk team. 😊

Future insights: it will be easier if I can find something in common with a group.
Hope you all enjoy reading it.
Have a great day.
Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li


An Official Intern


Dear reader,

My name is Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li, an international student from China. I am a rising junior and studying International studies and Economics at Dickinson. I started my internship two weeks ago at North Head in China! I will be working here for next three months. I currently work in the Healthcare team, monitoring pharmaceutical related policies and issues in China. In the past two weeks, I studied and got familiar with some of clients and I helped with some researches and documentation work. It is a good start. I am ready to input more efforts to our coming projects!

I will share more my experiences along the way. Please keep following me. Thank you for your attention.