Although I have been at MWPAI for less than a month, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects and create valuable connections.

The best part of being an intern at MWPAI was going on a field trip with one of the curators. We visited the studio and house of the artist Robert Huot. The artist gave us a tour, talked about his life as an artist and also explained the ┬ámeaning behind some of his artworks. Afterwards, we went to an Artists in Residence Open House where I had the opportunity to look at more art and talk to some of the artists but also to meet the coordinators of the program who are also the owners of the paint factory “Golden.”

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been helping out with the logistics of the upcoming Arts Festival. Arts Festival is a one week art show for which local artists submit artwork. After their artwork is approved by the judges, it is exhibited at the sidewalk show. I assisted with Arts Festival artwork drop-off, not accepted artwork pickup, hardware installation, and mailing of postcards.

I also conducted research on the artists and artworks from a private collection which was recently gifted to the museum. In addition, I filled out accessioning sheets for the artworks which included various information, such as previous exhibition history, provenance, bibliography, inscriptions and measurements.

I shadowed a docent tour, toured storage, worked with artist files, and provided feedback on the audio guide prepared for the artworks on display. I also attended a departmental meeting, senior staff meeting, a planning committee meeting, a lecture on decorative arts, and a docent training.

I have also had the chance to work at the MWPAI research library where I have been creating library guides for various populations. I became familiar with their databases, book and DVD collections, and art periodicals.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to attend events where I met different people.  The Tiffany Exhibition Opening and First Friday were two events where I met various sponsors, donors, trustees, and other members of the MWPAI staff.

I am excited to work on new projects and to meet more people from the art world.

That’s me hanging the artwork for Arts Festival
Photo by Carrie Bostick

Information tent for Arts Festival where I answered the public’s questions and made sure that everything was alright with the artwork.