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  • Blog Post #4:

    In the quest for global sustainability, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stand as a beacon of hope. However, the journey toward achieving such goals is not agreed upon by everyone, particularly within the diverse landscape of the Global South. International factors play a pivotal role in either empowering or hindering states’ progress, creating a complex […]

  • Blog Post #3: Liberal and Critical IR Analysis of Globalization:

    In International Relations, scholars have often approached the analysis of globalization from different perspectives, with two prominent schools of thought being liberal and critical IR. While there are numerous aspects to consider, I will highlight a couple of key differences between these perspectives, with an emphasis on my more liberal but somewhat realist viewpoint. Liberal […]

  • Blog Post #2:

    For my choice in community I’m going to go with my NYC Jewish family. My family is generally very welcoming and very inclusive towards others. But they do think down on others who live ‘uneventful’ and ‘not creative’ lives. The groups I primarily experience are in a wide variety since NYC is a big melting […]

  • 1st Blog Post!

    The cultural, social, economic, and geographical factors inherent to a particular place can have a significant influence on a person. In this blog post I will be talking about the differences between my upbringing in Lower Manhattan, New York City, and my group mate from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These two regions represent distinct […]