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  • Ukraine-Russia War: Reflections After One Year

        A little over a year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. That illegal, illegitimate, and abusive act meant the start of the war between both countries. Vladimir Putin thought he would win it in a short time. It has not been like that. In fact, this has become a war of attrition. Thus, […]

  • Where I Live, Where They Live

    My teamwork was diverse, it was made up of two American students, one from India, one from Pakistan and me from Peru. First, we agreed that currently all of us spend a lot of time connected to our social pages and cell phones. We also agree that the use of technology makes our lives much […]

  • Otherness

    I had the opportunity to be part of the United Nations community. This community was established in the South Sudan Republic, Africa. At first, we were all those who did not belong to the African continent. Those of America of the North, America of the Center and America of the South, the Europeans, and the […]