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Christy (The Teacher)

Hello!  My name is Christy.  I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen.  I have many family recipes that I make and enjoy trying new ones.  I was fortunate to be able to combine my love for food with my field of study, chemistry.  Hence the beginning of the class, Chemistry in the Kitchen.  I have learned so much by developing this class.  Like most others I knew I had to do certain things in a recipe, but never really considered why.  I mean would a slight change in just mixing the butter and sugar versus creaming make that big of a difference?  It truly does.  I was very grateful for developing this class when my family was required to go gluten free due to health issues.  Not mostly gluten free, but completely.  The struggle for good gluten free bread still exists, but I have been able to adapt many of our favorite recipes so we can still enjoy them.

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