About Me: Evan Sobolewski

Currently a First Year Student at Dickinson College. Interested in Politics and an avid fan of the New York Yankees.

Studies have found that one can survive between 8 and 21 days without food, depending on circumstance (Silver, 2018). While dire situations, like being stranded without food, can test the will of any person, leaving one with no other choice than to exhaust all options, why do we seemingly cut corners in the kitchen? While many are conscientious of the importance of what and how much we put into our bodies, many are unaware of the incredible amount of chemistry that occurs in even some of the most simple dishes. My main purpose for creating this blog is to study the chemistry behind Jam, as to further explain the Jam making process, and finally, providing a layout to create the best Strawberry Jam possible that you can implement into your mornings for breakfast, and desserts.

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