About Me: Nathaniel Chaves

As a chef, I would say that I am personally nothing past an amateur. I can cook an occasional hamburger, grilled cheese, or quesadilla, but beyond the basics, I struggle to produce well thought out dishes. I try to work with family recipes, but I seem to never open a cookbook or look up how to cook a dish. I enjoy learning from my mistakes when it comes to cooking in the kitchen and learning how to adapt my techniques after a dish goes wrong. My love for cooking started while I was a Boy Scout, and going on campouts, in which I would have to cook easy, with minimal clean up for me and my fellow troop members. As the years went on I would try to cook more complex meals, leading to an expansion in the dishes that I could cook at home. When it came to choosing a recipe to base a blog around, I chose what from the outside might seem like a simple recipe for it consists of two ingredients, chocolate truffles. Throughout this blog, I will study the chemistry behind the chocolate truffle and experiment with the type of dairy or dairy substitute within the desert.

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