About Me: Kalaria Obasi

Hello Readers, My name is Kalaria Obasi and I am currently a first-year at Dickinson college. I plan to major in Sociology and minor in Political Science. Organizations that I have joined since arriving at Dickinson include Phoneathon, Community Board, and the Black Student Union. For the next academic year, I plan to further my leadership roles and will be a Resident Advisor for a first-year dorm, an ACE Peer Mentor, and Secretary for BSU.  At Dickinson students receive a liberal education and are encouraged to take classes in all fields. During my second semester at Dickinson College, I decided to take the course Chemistry in the Kitchen. Chemistry in the Kitchen focuses on basic chemistry components while applying them to the food we eat on an everyday basis. The culminating assignment that we had to complete was to choose a recipe and explain the chemistry within the recipe on a food blog. Through this course, I have discovered how to make adaptions to recipes to better fit my needs, while being able to explain what exactly is occurring with this adaption. Overall, this course was very beneficial and has taught me chemistry tips I can continue to use in the future when cooking.

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