About Me: Anika

Greetings Readers! I am Anika Naimpally, a first-year student at Dickinson College. I am a Studio Art major. I absolutely love food; I have been fortunate enough to have a mother and grandmother who are fantastic chefs. They spoil my family and me. They both would always tell me that in addition to college they would have loved to attend a chef school. My grandma had her own baking business, she sold her own cakes. I look up to them and hope I can learn to cook like them someday. Working with them in the kitchen is a treat. I have not cooked a lot, but when I can I love assisting with cooking. I would like to expand on my cooking skills. Another reason why I find food and cooking so interesting is because starting at a young age my parents started traveling with my sister and I, we still currently travel a lot, but when we were younger, we were exposed to new foods and we learnt to eat everything. Now, I am not only motivated to eat, I am motivated to learn how to make the amazing cuisines I have been eating all my life. I took this class out of my own interest in cooking and exploring the science behind what we eat. Please enjoy the blog my partner and I created, we were exploring the science behind how to make a Ham and Spinach Quiche, which is my grandma’s recipe. Buon appetito!

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