My name is Leonid Kontorovskiy (Lenny for short). I am currently an international freshman in Dickinson college. My homecountry is Russia. I have lived my whole life in Moscow (capital of Russia), but then decided to go to college in US in order to get better education than it is possible in Moscow, and just to find myself in this world. I chose US because I have already been there and I liked it a lot, also the liberal arts system was very appealing to me (it is not present in Russian colleges), since I still have not decided on my major. So far in my college carrier I was trying out all kinds of different courses to figure out what to major in. One of these courses is Chemistry in the kitchen. I have never really understood chemistry in high school, but I heard that you do not really need any prior knowledge for this course, so I decided to give it a try. And it definelty was not a mistake. I really enjoyed this course and I would recommend it to other students. My biggest hobby is probably traveling. I have been to more than 20 countries and that allowed me to learn a lot of cool stuff about people all around the world.

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