Hello, my name is Zuka and i am a 19 year old freshman pursuing an INBM major. I am from Georgia ( not the state ) and have a lot of hobbies and interests. First of all, i enjoy lots of sports and have spent most of my childhood doing sports like swimming, basketball, rugby and soccer trying to find which one works best for me. As i grew old i figured out that while i enjoy soccer the most, i was very good at skiing and swimming so i joined some clubs and met lots of people i am still friends with today. Outside of sports my second favorite activity must be playing video games, if i don’t control myself i find myself spending hours upon hours in front of screens. As this can be very unhealthy i have restricted myself to only playing on weekends. I have little to none skills in cooking, but as one of my countries defining traits is our cuisine, lately i have looked into how to prepare some of the trademark Georgian meals. In taking this course i hoped to figure out what goes down behind the scenes of cooking and so far it has been very interesting. As me and my partner are from neighboring countries, we have decided to learn a lot about a meal that is popular in both of our homes, the Russian crepes.

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