What Media would I choose?

If Yemen were to undergo a regime change, a period of radical uncertainty would certainly ensue. In order to understand this dynamic state of affairs what forms of media would I turn to as a means to stay informed?

I would look towards non-state peer reviewed television and newspaper sources. For a country like Yemen, Al Jazeera is regionally informed with Yemen and offers an in depth and detailed choice.

The reason I am partial to Al Jazeera is because Al Jazeera is not overly opinionated or biased.

In support of this, I researched Al Jazeera’s merit via the website The Factual which seeks to determine media reliability.

Regarding Al-Jazeera Philip Meylan a writer and editor at The Factual via Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC) “assigns Al Jazeera a “Left-Center” bias due to story selection that at times favors the left.” However, Al Jazeera does receive credit for reporting “news with minimally loaded wording” in their headlines. This is appealing to me, during a time of political turnover.

Furthermore, The Factual measures how opinionated an article is using “a sophisticated natural language.” One of the metrics The Factual uses is the Writing Tone, which “measures how opinionated the writing is in an article. ” For this metric, the algorithm uses a complex formula to determine to the extent in which commentary is subjective or not. It does this by looking at factors such as first-person pronouns and unnecessary adverbs, as well as “the emotional nature of selected words.” These ratings then get placed on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 being the least opinionated to 10 being the most opinionated.

Al Jazeera ultimately received a score of 0.73, placing it in the 85th percentile. This suggests that Al Jazeera has a highly neutral tone. This neutral approach is invaluable to a person seeking to understand the state of a country in flux.

Note: Each site’s score is based on analysis of ~1,000 articles. A higher average Factual Grade is a sign of well-researched, minimally biased articles. The average Writing Tone indicates how opinionated articles are from each source, with “0” being the most biased and “1” being the least biased.
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Source-How Reliable Is Al Jazeera? – The Factual | Blog

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