MoMA comes to Paris—why the Fondation Louis Vuitton is partnering with New York’s mega-museum – By Amanda Dobbin

In an article taken from, the author, Gareth Harris, discusses a new exhibition which will bring contemporary works from the Modern Museum of Modern Art in New York City to Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, France. With this, Suzanne Pagé, the artistic director of the Foundation Louis Vuitton plans on taking charge of this exhibition and states that she is attempting to use New York City’s influence to add to contemporary Paris and build a bridge between the two cultures. In work with MOMA, the museum is lending the exhibition 200 different works from their current collections and taken from six different key departments of the MOMA. The exhibition is going to include works earliest from the 1930’s and end with works from today’s art world. It is going to include some of the most prominent artists such as Cézanne, Duchamp and Warhol.
This idea of bringing art to Paris that has already been exposed to the New York City area is extremely fascinating to me. I think it is great to share art across countries and to expose different regions to different cultures and movements. At the end of Harris’ article, he explains how France has yet to be exposed to the well-renowned Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans. This is therefore going to bring immediate attention to the exhibition because Pagé is bringing famous works to an area that has never seen them before.’s-mega-museum

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