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In the political climate right now, I’m excited for sculptures/statues like these going up. When I saw this come up earlier this week, I couldn’t help but make the connection to removing Confederate soldier statues. Not that this statue is a replacement for one those, it seems like it could be to me. It’s highlight a high point in American history, when blacks received the right to vote, by honoring Octavius Catto who fought for equality in the 1800s. This feels like a positive response to the political tensions we are living in right now. Rather than be destructive, we’re displaying a positive party of history not many people know about. Catto did so much for the nation and equal rights in the 19th century, but as it’s said in the article, “We know more about Rocky — who’s not even a real person — than we know about Octavius, which says a lot.” The statue was erected in Philadelphia, the same city with the Rocky statue. This statue is a good turn in art education and hopefully national healing.

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  1. After reading the article posted, I agree with all you have to say Becky. And in addition to this, I also think that this Octavius Catto Statue is touching on the positive side to politics instead of trying to trigger people. This I believe is a new form of contemporary art because in previous works we have seen a constant pattern of pointing out flaws in the American government. However, in this work it is clear that the sculpture is trying to bring the country together.

    I additionally think it is interesting that you relate this piece relates back to the confederate soldiers as you mention. In my opinion, I think those soldiers were removed because people simply did not like the aspect of having sculptures along a structure. With this, I disagree that this piece would fit well there either. This piece speaks for itself and deserves it own sense of highlight.

    by Amanda Dobbin

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