Contemporary Art – Terry Smith – Amanda Dobbin

Chinese contemporary art is very unique and different than any kind of contemporary art in today’s society. It is divided into four different time periods which includes for example the post-cultural movement and the avant garde. Specifically, the avant garde is something that truly interests me and an art form I would want to learn more about.

In the reading by Terry Smith, Smith goes into depth about different artists and what motivated them to create their individual works. A significant paragraph in Smith’s writing is when he talks about Chinese feminist art. The Chinese women tried to exploit how identities are shaped by the materials of domestic life. A clear example of this is an installation, “Suitcase,” by Yin Xiuzhen, where she placed women in a certain way in order to demonstrate times of rapid social change. Another artist that incorporates feminism into their art is Lin Tianmiao’s installation entitled “Braiding.” This installation shows the symbolic treatment of Chinese women during the times. The installation includes women weaving cotton and giving each other haircuts. This installation is supposed to trigger the public by showing that Chinese women are much more than what they can produce. Their lifestyles have changed completely and they are far from doing “typical Chinese women” do.

Personally, I love that feminist art can be included in different kinds of movements. Thereby, the political aspect is prevalent throughout the world and it is clear that even though Chinese contemporary art is not classified as feminist art, the feminists in the generation can shine through.

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