Theater of the World Exhibition – Becky Deihl

The exhibition in the Guggenheim was pretty cool. It was really interesting to see all the different media that these people were working in. It shows how many ideas people had to express once China was free from just making propaganda art.

What really stuck out to me in the push against propaganda like art was Welcome to Xijing – Xijing Olympics, a piece of video art. These three men were mocking the Olympics, participating in silly events with the same name, like Diving where they dropped paper into a small bowl of water rather than actually diving. I thought it was interesting, because the Olympics are always such an important event, especially for the hosting nation. These men were mocking the games and the hosting nation of China for the 2008 games. With how impressive it was on the international screen, I would assume everyone was in support of the Olympics and the money China had put into them. It’s interesting to see a different side of it.

The other piece I really enjoyed was the giant hanging sculpture in the middle of the rotunda, Theater of the World. I was just struck by how massive the sculpture was, but how delicate it looked at the same time. I really enjoyed that it was made from found objects as well. It’s really inspiring to me, and I’d love to make something like this for the next semester.

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