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    After putting in my data, I found that I use about 1,002 gallons of water per day, which works out to 7,014 a week and 336,672 gallons a year (the second calculator marked my water use at 161,726 gallons a year, but I think the first one is more accurate). This is less than the […]

  • MENA Blog 2

    In my hometown, Portland OR, one of the most obvious “othered” groups is the substantial homeless population. There are many reasons why there is so much homelessness in Portland, including high and rising rents, a mild annual climate, and an ongoing drug crisis. Portland doesn’t necessarily have more homeless people than other major US cities […]

  • MENA Blog 1

    When people simplify entire cultures into single-sentence stereotypes, individuals lose their complexity and identity becomes homogenous. Given what we know about the real consequences that can result from “othering” an entire people, this cultural simplification is dangerous. It’s important to remember that we are all humans, and to look for the similarities between our experiences. […]

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