DCCM Special Announcement – March 13, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you are all probably aware of at this point, the coronavirus, or COVID-19, as had a major impact on many aspects of life, including the way we practice our faith. We already did not have Mass scheduled this Sunday, March 15, due to Spring Break. However, because of the extension of Spring break through next week, we will also not have Sunday Mass or any DCCM events through at least Sunday, March 22. There will be updates provided when we know better about whether or not we will hold DCCM events beyond that date.

Regarding attendance at Sunday Masses this weekend, please check the website for the diocese of archdiocese that you will be in. Many dioceses and archdioceses have dispensed the obligation to attend Sunday Mass this weekend and some may have even cancelled Sunday Masses. If you are not feeling well, it is advisable that you not come to Mass so that the spread of germs to large groups of people is prevented.

While attending Sunday Mass this weekend may be more challenging or even impossible, there are still ways to participate in Sunday Mass, even if it does not involve in-person participation. We have provided several links below to YouTube channels and websites that normally stream the Sunday Mass.

Catholic TV – http://www.catholictv.org/masses (Mass schedule is on website)

The Sunday Mass – https://thesundaymass.org/ (Links to Sunday Masses are posted on the website)

EWTN – https://www.ewtn.com/tv/watch-live (Sunday Mass at 8:00 A.M.; links to readings and homilies also provided)

St. Patrick Cathedral, NYC – https://saintpatrickscathedral.org/live (Sunday Mass at 10:15 A.M.)

NET TV (Diocese of Brooklyn) – https://netny.tv/ (Sunday Mass at 11:00 A.M. and Sunday Mass in Spanish at 1:30 P.M.)

Diocese of Sioux Falls – https://www.youtube.com/user/SiouxFallsDiocese/videos (Links to Sunday Masses posted on YouTube page)

Daily TV Mass (National Catholic Broadcasting Council) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6JtCVy4XKu4BSG-AE2chg/videos (Links to Sunday Masses posted on YouTube page)

There are also TV channels that broadcast Sunday Masses. EWTN, which is listed above, is available through many TV packages. Some TV packages may also have Catholic TV, also listed above. Many local FOX and/or ABC stations air The Sunday Mass on Sunday mornings, so consult local TV guides regarding the timing for that. Some dioceses or archdioceses may have their own TV stations already, so those can also be found through TV guides.

We want to ensure everyone is able to fulfill their spiritual needs as best as possible during this time that can be very testing for us. We send our prayers for health and well-being at this time. If there are any questions, feel free to email newmanc@dickinson.edu or contact us through one of our social media accounts.

God Bless,

Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM)

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