DCCM Special Announcement – March 17, 2020


DCCM Message on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

On Monday, March 16, we received the notice that Dickinson College classes will move online for the rest of the semester. As a result, there will be no more DCCM events for the rest of the school year, with the possible exception of the Graduation Mass. Dickinson College has not ruled out the possibility of having commencement, but given the very fluid situation, we cannot confirm nor deny if there will be a Graduation Mass. We will keep everyone updated regarding the status of this. 

We are aware that many churches throughout the United States have cancelled Masses, and some dioceses may also have ordered their churches to be closed to the public. Despite these circumstances, there are still ways in which we can practice our faith, some of which are listed below: 

  1. Watch the Mass from a TV channel or online. Many dioceses and archdioceses have links to churches that are offering live streams of Masses on Facebook, YouTube, and other media platforms. 
  2. Participate in personal devotions such as reading the Bible, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, praying the Rosary, reciting the Act of Spiritual Communion, and so on. We have updated the page for Online Faith Resources on our website to better accommodate the spiritual needs of our people at this time. The link to this page is http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dccm/online-faith-resources/.
  3. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for possible ways in which we may try to continue to provide spiritual outreach. While we do not know exactly how this may look, we still want to be a resource for helping everyone to strengthen their Catholic faith. 

If anyone has questions at this time, feel free to email us at newmanc@dickinson.edu or contact us through one of our social media platforms. We wish everyone good health at this time. 

Sincerely in Christ, 

Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry (DCCM) 

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