The work of DCCM is supported by our chaplain (campus priest) and many students who assist as leaders. Our chaplain is a priest assigned by the Diocese of Harrisburg and serves as a parochial vicar (assistant priest) at Saint Patrick’s Church in Carlisle. There are two ways that students can serve as leaders in DCCM: the executive team and the leadership team. The executive team is made of a president, secretary, and treasurer, and the leadership team is made of students who serve in specific ministries such as liturgical ministry coordination and music directing. Please check some of the links below for more information about our chaplain, executive team, and leadership team.

Campus Priest/Chaplain: http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dccm/campus-priest-chaplain/

Executive Team: http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dccm/executive-team/

Leadership Team: http://blogs.dickinson.edu/dccm/leadership-team/