Meeting Minutes 11/14/19


  • Cody Rosenbarker
  • Lindsey Lyons
  • Claudia Bonaccorsi
  • Ken Shultes
  • Sophie Mahoney
  • James Ciarrocca
  • Kim Wampler
  • George Grassel
  • Andrew Connell
  • Jeanette Diamond


BAC purpose?

  • Make the college and surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment.

More specifically…

  • Promote the engineering of a comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained network
  • Offers diverse bicycle education programs for campus cyclists and motorists
  • Maintains and expands The Handlebar, Dickinson’s Bicycle Co-Op
  • Encourages and incentivizes bicycling for students, faculty, and staff
  • Continues developing enforcement for bike riding and parking and all road users
  • Develops evaluation plans and procedures to assess all elements of a comprehensive bicycle plan


New Members

  • Jessee Vasold from student life has now agreed to be on the committee
  • Chad Mader from facilities has now agreed to be on the committee


Biking@Dickinson Updates

  • Green bike program: 50 bikes out
  • Handlebar: Great number of open hours, 75 visitors this semester (17 with a class)
  • Professional Bike Maintenance Workshop, 12 people attended
  • Red bikes update
  • Looking for more volunteers to help with long-term sustainability of Handlebar!

What’s New with Biking@Dickinson?

  • Sculpture outside of Handlebar – working on plaque
  • Cider n Cycles event – super popular got a lot of new people to experience the space
  • Bike to Block Party
  • Tea kettle for Handlebar
  • New bike racks around campus
  • Door to the Handlebar was painted red
  • “Humans of the Handlebar” project
  • Bike safety campaign in the works


Following up on the Future of Biking@Dickinson Survey Results:


Engineering Survey Responses and BAC Responses to make Dickinson and the surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment:

  1. we could consider a speed bump? Other than that, a lot of effort for very little gain
  2. Done!                                                                                   
  3. This is more Carlisle Borough, they are looking into this
  4. we will investigate this…                                             
  5. Covered bike racks! 1) where? 2) funding?



Education Survey Responses and BAC Responses to make Dickinson and the surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment:

  1. Work with Kim Wampler on this
  2. Working with Kim Wampler on this
  3. Look into this
  4. This, and many other topics, can fit into our bicycle safety campaign!
  5. We did not respond to this prompt




We did not have time to go over Encouragement or Enforcement suggested areas for improvement. Next meeting!


Bicycle Safety campaign

  • This is a multi-faceted campaign aimed at increasing understanding and adoption of bicycle safety measures.  All efforts would point people toward a centralized safety training/hub where they would be certified bicycle safety ambassadors.
  • The goal is to have people understand the importance of a few bicycle safety points. Then, they receive some sort of visual reminder (a branded bike light?) to put on their bicycle. Whenever they see/use that item, they would be reminded of their commitment.

Approach ideas:

  • Posters, signs at racks, bicycle safety flyers with bike registration, “Did you know?” series with information like how you can get a DUI on a bicycle, revamp Green Bike training and require a smaller refresher course every semester they take out a bike, work with storage bike users, “ghost bikes,” Dson today, “You are x% safer” poster, new hire orientation, flyer for safety in 1st year packet, on bike route maps, etc.

Any other ideas?


Central Hub Ideas:

  • Totora quiz?
  • Have a designated touch screen with this available?
  • QR code?