Meeting Minutes 11/15/16

Attended by: Jim, Lindsey, Carey, Jason, Alyssa, Chuck, Janett, Joe, Marcus, Andrew, Rob

Handlebar Updates (as of Oct. 31st)

  • Parts Order placed
  • 152 total visitors
  • 66 hours open

Past Events:

  • Bike to Farm Potluck (10/8)
    • Bad weather but a success nonetheless
  • Homecoming/Parents weekend (10/29)
    • Open house with a lot of parent and alumni visitors
  • Second Volunteer Training and Hope Station Workshop (11/12)
    • 11 people attended for part/all of 5-hour event
    • Fun and positive collaboration with community
    • Over 70 children got new bikes

5 Year Anniversary of Handlebar this year!

Upcoming Programs:

  • Tuesday rides now Sunday 1pm
  • Winter bicycle storage (Dec. 7-9, 9am-3pm)
  • Bike touring lecture (11/29)
    • Keith Spangler, of Harrisburg Bicycle Club will lead 1-hour workshop
    • 12pm in HUB Sideroom 201

Covered bicycle parking update:

  • Bike Shelters continue to move forward – should arrive before Christmas, installed early spring
  • Working on modifying already-existing covered areas outside of dorms

Campus Bike Pumps:

  • Funded by Student Senate, purchase overseen by CSE
  • Small rubber gasket must be replaced/ working to engage Facilities Management in upkeep, repair
  • Britton Plaza and DaWi lawn are working, Morgan Field not functional

Bike Safety:

  • Instruction
    • Marcus certified League Cycling Instructor
    • Jason offered to teach commuting safety
  • Chuck Steel from the Workplace Safety Committee
    • Tasked with reducing accidents, goal this year: pedestrian safety
    • Reward system: coupons/tokens for
      • crossing roads safely (single day event, followed by sporadic rewards)
      • Wearing helmets?
      • Stopping at lights and stop signs
      • Bike Lights
      • All of the above! Start in spring (April=Biking month) when bike storage ends
    • Culminating in big drawing
    • Continued discussion of bike lanes/campus infrastructure

Next meeting TBA