Meeting Minutes 11/3/15

Meeting Minutes 11/3/15 

Plan for two meetings in the Spring Semester (January/April)

Website: Check out the new video

Marcus will direct future meetings

Project Updates

Biking Narratives

  • Interviews, stories, or multimedia projects from different members of the Biking Community
  • Continuation of Faculty Spotlight

Green Bikes

  • 50 bikes all gone in first week, too many more is unrealistic
    • Online training has sped up the process
  • 30 person wait list
  • Focus on international students who can’t bring a bike from home
  • Individuals who have had a green bike for years should be pressured to get their own bike
  • All are well maintained, few Handlebar visits

Red Bikes

  • Fleet was purchased August 2013 and refurbished Summer 2015
    • Will be fixed again Winter 2015-2016
  • Contract for 2 year regular maintenance was declined
  • Very high demand (1300/semester) publicized at orientation
  • Primarily used for errands

Biking Events

  • Beginner Bike Ride in September
    • Focused on safety
    • Exposed students to area past Dickinson College
  • Handlebar FAS Family Night
    • Model future events around this (holiday themed)
    • Reach out to more demographics
    • Aggressive deadline
  • Spring Bike to Farm
    • Set date by end of Fall semester
    • Include other departments
      • Farm, social justice, guest speakers

Bike Safety

  • A dozen bikes stolen from one rack recently
    • Thefts occur in waves/patterns
  • Students need to be more aware of suspicious events
  • Thefts from not locked vs locked bikes

Bike Racks

  • Interactive map on biking website
  • New demo racks are coming in that may have better management systems
  • Work with Carlisle Borough to install a corral in place of a parking spot
    • On High Street across from Denny adjacent to academic quad
    • Incorporate into Carlisle’s Urban Development Plan

Winter Bike Storage

  • Takes place last week of classes from 9-5
  • All bikes are accounted for

The Handlebar

  • All individual visitors sign a year long waiver
  • Volunteer hours are underestimated
  • More visitors in the fall (weather is better)
  • $1500 budget for parts, ultimately costs closer to $2000
    • Additional biking costs use different money sources
  • $ is raised through late fees and donations


Bike Friendly University Updates

  • Rethink priorities and timeframe
  • New facilities will have bike infrastructure built into it
    • Student demands may carry more weight
      • Reach out to space planning and BAC committees
    • Rail trail Development
      • Reach out to Jim Hoeffler about sharing meetings on bike listserve
    • Bike tours on 8 person party bike
      • Admissions did not outright dismiss the idea
    • Education
      • Biking/Urban Development as a Clarke Forum topic
      • Extreme relevance to FAS

Short Term Goals

Joe: faculty bike storage, safety training, locking up bikes

Jim: More bike rides of different styles and accommodations, publicity about other rides i.e. Canal trail

Alyssa: Safety education, how to make quick adjustments to your bike for red bike riders

Jason: Shiny things! Small laminated sheets describing safety, theft, and rules to pass out at events, have more bike rides at a frequent rate

Jeanette: Wellness week April 18th, have events/tabling, have a long ride at Spring into Fitness event

Anna: work with cycling club and biking interns to offer as many resources as possible