Meeting Minutes 1/24/14


  • Ken Shultes
  • Lindsey Lyons
  • Ross Willard
  • James Cousins
  • Mariah Murphy
  • Alyssa Gill
  • Greg Howard
  • Mike Johnson
  • Drew Afsahi

Rack update

  • Bicycle racks are coming – possibly late February.
  • Figuring out funding split between Bronte’s budget and Student Senate
  • Racks being incorporated into college design manual

○     Now is a good time to incorporate covered racks too!

Bicycle recommendations

  • Began review of bicycle ideas and goals (see below)
  • I’ll follow up with BAC members who may be good point people for recommendations.

Next meeting

  • Continue reviewing recommendations



Spring and Summer

  • Bicycle classes

○     Traffic

○     Commuter

○     Skills

○     President-led Bike to Work ride

  • More organized rides
  • Bike valet at events
  • Bike racks on shuttles
  • Welcome packets on bicycling

○     new employees

○     new students

  • Bicycling orientation

○     new employees

○     new students

○     Dorms

○     Offices

  • Abandoned bikes
  • Green bike rider training
  • Bicycle category on MaintenanceDirect
  • Utilize biking list serve and social media more!

Long Term

  • SubmitBicycle Friendly University application – August
  • Motor vehicle parking fee
  • Improved cycling in Carlisle borough (painted bike lanes, more racks, etc.)

○     Continue work of road diet and bicycle network

○     Outreach with municipal officials and CPD

  • Biking information and programs at orientation
  • Biking equipment for lease/sale/subsidized at bookstore
  • Physical education class on cycling
  • League Certified Instructors