Meeting Minutes 3/19/14

1. Bike racks updates (mapping project and excel spreadsheet of new locations)

  • 12 new bike racks have been purchased and will be deployed around campus in April. Funding between facilities and student senate is being determined.

2. Bike rooms

  • Potential indoor bike rooms have been identified and prioritized.  BAC agreed that further action should be taken on creating bike rooms. Ken is digging deeper on feasibility/next steps for priority rooms.

3. Bike fix-it stations – location and priority ranking was approved by BAC.

  • 1 pump: The HUB – a central location for all students, faculty, and staff
  • 2 pumps: One on Morgan Field and one in the Quads (this one could also be the workstation that has a pump with it) – this would spread out the location of the pumps more evenly
  • 3 pumps: Morgan Field, the HUB, and the Quads (this one could also be the work station with a pump)

*If fix-it stands are purchased, handlebar volunteers could host how to use the                        stand days to familiarize the campus with them.

4. Bike to Farm potluck planning

  • Sunday, April 27th 11:45 am – 3 pm.
  • FAS with bike riding experience, please volunteer to lead a ride group for B2F!

5. Bike to Work Day (College celebration May 1, national challenge May 16)

  • Ride out to D-Park in the morning or afternoon and ride all or part of the the trail.
  • Coordinate with DPS for assistance with traffic from Britton Plaza to College or Mooreland Ave (to get on South St.)

6. Handlebar expansion and CSE biking position(s) expansion

  • No reportable progress.  Just ideas for now.

7. National Bike Challenge Dickinson participation

  • Could be a great tool for alumni outreach – get alumni who cycle to join the Dickinson team.

8. Tour de GreenBelt Harrisburg bicycle ride – Sunday June 8.

  •  Dickinson team? Contact me if anyone wants to set up a Dickinson team.  I’ll likely be out of town that day.

9. Biking page for April Vitality (and regular posts about biking in Vitality)