Meeting Minutes 3/1/18

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

March 1, 2018  


In Attendance

Cody Rosenbarker, Sustainability Learning Coordinator

Lindsey Lyons, Asst. Director of the Center for Sustainability Education

Madie Ritter, Biking@Dickinson Intern

Ken Shultes, Assoc. VP of Sustainability/Faculty Planning

Sam Waltman, Biking@Dickinson Intern

Andrew Connell, Director of User Services

Jason Gavenonis, Asst. Prof of Chemistry

Alyssa Gill, Transportation Coordinator

Joe Fazio, Lieutenant/Asst. Dir. of Public Safety

Jim Ciarrocca, GIS Specialist

Jeanette Diamond, Health and Wellness Coordinator


Updates and Updated Summary


  • The Handlebar is working on events and will continue to encourage a diverse group of participants. Members of the BAC are welcome to be a part of these events, just let us know how you would like to be involved!  What can the BAC add to these events?
    • volunteer training 2/18 (past)
    • welding 3/23 from 12-2PM
    • open house 4/5 from 3-5PM
      • Goal: to invite people who do not normally interact with the space to feel comfortable
      • Activities: chain bracelets, bike repair, pancakes
    • bike to farm potluck 4/7
    • women’s ride 4/10 5-6PM
    • North-Side Ride 4/14(?) from 12-? (we need a large number of volunteers for this)
      • Safety demonstrations
      • Fundraising for helmets, lights & locks
      • Partners: project Share, hope station, YWCA, LifeCycle
    • in-depth maintenance tbd
    • open hours weekly M-W from 4-6
  • Collaborations made- referrals to Cole’s with a 10% discount card, first-year students offered discounted bikes through Cole’s delivered to their rooms, and Cole’s now maintains our red bike fleet
  • Inflation Station s
    • Old pumps have now been removed and new locations have been confirmed with facilities
    • The check has been sent out, and we are waiting for delivery of 5 new pumps for 3 old and 2 new locations. Installation estimated the week of March 19th
    • We should instate a regular maintenance schedule- who?


Progress Made Since Meeting and Ideas that Came up to Follow up on

  • Bringing facilities into the conversation
    • Cody met with Mark Scott on March 1 to bring him up to speed about the BAC as well as the BFU application and he has agreed to be part of the committee
  • Welding
    • First meeting is now scheduled for Friday, March23rd from 12-2PM.
    • Projects may include: trike/electric “farm” bike, tall bikes, and everyone will need to start by welding spare/scrap metal bike parts together, possibly to help make a mascot of sorts
    • All participants must sign Handlebar waiver- should there be an specific one for this?
    • Cody has contacted Ashley Zinc about possible liability concerns
    • Contact facilities for scraps
    • Follow up with Anthony Cervino about possible sculpture
    • Make objectives and outcomes desired for this initiative
  • Handlebar
    • We have a few new volunteers and some old ones who are coming regularly
    • We are looking for ways to expand our hours/reach to be able to accommodate more visitors- Ideas?
    • Cody has contacted admissions department to coordinate open hours with open houses and/or high traffic times of the week
    • Follow up with Space Planning for additional permanent signage
    • Sam Waltman is going forward with using the yellow tandem bike as advertisement for the Handlebar
    • Madie Ritter has notified green bike recipients and bike storage members of pickup times (March 21-23rd during business hours)
  • Collaborations
    • PA Commuter Services
      • Possible employee incentive program for biking/walking to work (see BFU application). Cody has begun this conversation with Kandi Fox.
      • Collaborating to give permission to park at local businesses in order to ride the last ~2 miles to work.
      • Volunteering at North-Side Ride.
      • PA Commuter services would like to be at the next BAC meeting.


Bicycle Friendly University (Application due August 30, 2018)  

  • Complete assigned questions and bring back unanswered questions to next meeting
  • Tasks & Assignments
    • GIS, Facilities, DPS, CSE – each received relevant questions to look over
    • Master Plan – there was one put together, largely physical plan for pumps, racks, shelters. Cody will update and bring to next meeting for review.
    • Target Faculty and staff commuting by bike
      • Formalized incentives program (bike credit coupon for reduced-price bikes at Coles)
      • Poster campaign


Next meeting

  • Bring back answers to questions distributed or found at
  • Discuss the BFU questions best answered by the group as a whole
  • Add to Bicycle Master Plan
  • Review BFU recommendations
  • Come up with timeline to implement action items
  • Discuss funding/logistics of increasing the number of bike shelters