College Farm – Route C

This is by far the most scenic road route to the Dickinson College Farm. This is the traditional route taken during the Bike to Farm Potluck, and is not a very strenuous ride. It also stays off of busy roads. This is a 6.91 mile ride.

  1. Starting at the intersection of W Louther St. and N College St., head east on W Louther St. for about a mile.
  2. Turn right onto N Spring Garden St. (at .84 mi)
  3. Turn left at Bonnybrook Rd. (at 3.32 mi)
  4. Turn left at E Old York Rd./PA-174. (at 5.23 mi)
  5. Take an immediate right onto Lerew Rd. (at 5.29 mi)
  6. Turn left at Park Dr. (at 6.61 mi)
  7. Turn left into the Dickinson College Farm. (at 6.91 mi)

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