Two Springs Ride

The Two Springs ride is aptly named for both Mount Holly Springs and Boiling Springs, two small towns to the south of Carlisle. This ride is about 17 miles.

  1. Start at the intersection of College Street and High Street. Head east away from campus.
  2. Turn right onto S Hanover St. (PA 34). (at .40 mi)
  3. Past I-81, PA 34 is known as the Holly Pike. The Pike will lead you into Mount Holly Springs. Here you can find a Sheetz and the Three Pines Tavern, whose wings rival those of the North Hanover Grille.
  4. At the south end of town, turn left onto E Pine Street. (at 6.49 mi)
  5. E Pine will turn into Zion Rd. Turn left onto Mountain St. (at 6.84 mi)
  6. Follow this for a bit, then turn right onto Park Drive.
  7. Follow Park Dr. past the South Middleton Twp Town Hall and the College Farm into Boiling Springs.
  8. Turn right onto 4th St. (at 11.05 mi), which will lead you to Children’s Lake. This lake is home to the Mid-Atlantic HQ of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the trail also passes along the east shore of the lake.
  9. Turn left onto Front St. (at 11.21 mi)
  10. Travel to the north end of the lake and at the intersection with Old York Rd. (PA 174), (at 11.39 mi) continue straight onto Front St.,which will turn into Forge Rd. Follow Forge north for a while.
  11. Turn left before the Rite Aid onto Westminster Dr. (at 14.70 mi).
  12. Turn Right at the T onto Petersburg Rd. (at 15.1 mi)
  13. Turn left onto York Rd. (PA 74) (at 15.45 mi)
  14. At the intersection with E High St. (PA 641), (at 16.09 mi) turn left and return to Carlisle.

This ride is of moderate length and has moderate terrain (the Holly Pike route’s hills are smoother than the Rockledge Dr. route). Please be aware while on the Holly Pike (PA 34), Old York Rd. (PA 174), York Rd. (PA 74) and E High St. (PA 641) during rush hour traffic.

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the Two Springs Ride

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