The Handlebar

Location: Bike Room of Davidson-Wilson. We’re along Dickinson Walk, directly across from the Baird-McClintock front entrance!

Fall 2019 Hours: Monday 4-6, Wednesday 4-6, Thursday 2-4, and Friday 3-5!

Contact: Center for Sustainability Education at

Please stop by if you’d like to volunteer, learn to fix your bike, tune up your ride, or just hang out!


Our Mission:

The Handlebar is an on-campus teaching bike repair co-op that was created by the Dickinson Community, for the Dickinson Community. The vision became a reality after joint efforts by the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) and the Dickinson Idea Fund. Now operated by CSE interns and student and staff volunteers, The Handlebar services members of the Dickinson College community, aiming to increase bicycle use, repair services, and bike-related knowledge on campus. The co-op believes in equitable access, affordability, and a strong sense of community. The Handlebar increases social and environmental consciousness through hands-on learning, networking, and teaching. Our reuse (Handlebar Swap Shop) and recycle (Green Bikes Program) practices also support the College’s Sustainability initiative. Scan the events page to stay updated on events hosted by The Handlebar, including volunteer training sessions.

Become an official Handlebar Volunteer by attending our Volunteer Training (offered once per semester).

Faculty, staff & students of Dickinson are always welcomed to be Handlebar users!

The Handlebar manages the Dickinson Green Bike Program, but the Dickinson Red Bike Program is managed by the Department for Public Safety.

Hands off!

At The Handlebar, we operate with a “Hands Off” policy, empowering our co-op users with the opportunity to challenge themselves while learning bike mechanics. “Hands Off” means that volunteers do not repair others’ bikes; they simply assist in bike repair. Volunteers are allowed to demonstrate how to do something or to offer an extra hand. Patrons may become frustrated when unable to perform a specific task, but sometimes it takes more than one try to use a tool successfully or to get something right. The slow and often frustrating process of figuring out a task on one’s own will prove far more educational than simply observing an experienced volunteer at work. Volunteers should always relay their methods and tips when working with bikers, but should never underestimate another person’s abilities and desire to learn.

Being a Volunteer:

Handlebar volunteers gain useful hands-on experience in bike repair and communication. Whether you know a lot about bikes or lack any previous experience, everyone has something to offer. If you are just beginning to learn, we encourage you to attend a few workshops or to learn from more experienced volunteers during your shift. The Handlebar invites everyone to get involved, whether you are looking to learn, teach, or maybe just make some new friends. Official volunteer training workshops are offered once per semester. Once you attend, you are a “Handlebar Volunteer” for life and are able to receive all benefits therein.

The Handlebar Co-op & Swap Shop:

The Handlebar is owned and operated by the Dickinson Community, with administrative oversight by CSE. Members of the college community can drop off used bikes, bike parts, gear, etc. to The Handlebar Swap Shop for use by others. Additionally, Handlebar users can take what they need from the Swap Shop. This supports our reuse philosophy and helps keep our budget low. New and consumable parts are supported in part by CSE and in part by donations made to The Handlebar program.

The bikes and parts donated to the Swap Shop and repaired and rebuilt into high quality used bikes. These bikes provide learning opportunities for our users and volunteers, but more importantly, the resulting bicycle will then be added to the Dickinson Green Bike Fleet! Dickinson Green Bikes are available for FREE (refundable deposit required) semester long loan from The Handlebar to any Dickinson student, faculty, or staff. You will see these bikes with bright green front forks, floating around campus. Your Swap Shop items can only improve this program.

Check out CSE’s “Biking@Dickinson” publication in The Handlebar. You’ll find information on various routes, rules, and resources to help you craft your biking experience. Take one for yourself and your friends, or check it out online.

If you are interested in the Handlebar and would like more information on volunteering, donating, or for program details contact CSE at

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