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  • Monarchies in MENA

    Youth movements have been a source of instability in monarchies that causes a lot of issues. This as it relates to population growth means there are now more people for monarchs in different countries to manage and more and more are younger and therefore less inclined to blindly follow the status quo. Especially in countries […]

  • A Siege of Salt and Sand

    This was a very interesting documentary. The situation in Tunisia is one that highlights very clearly the impact climate change is having on an area that is already very water scarce. The two separate and simultaneous sieges of both the rising tides turning part of the region into islets while desertification causes the Sahara to […]

  • Rentierism

    While the MENA region is impacted by large oil rents in that the state has monopolized its dependence on this industry this is not the only explanation nor the most important of studying the political and social outcomes in the region. One factor of importance is the relationship between large oil rents in the region […]

  • Reflection: Lisa Anderson

    In her article ” SEARCHING WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES: Studying Democratization in the Middle East, Lisa Anderson explores the common misconceptions and inaccuracies of political scientists in studying the Middle East and its relationship with democracy. There is a perception among many scholars that the path to an ideal society is one centered around democracy. […]