International Politics of the Middle East – Nadja Duricko

  • The ‘others’ in our communities

    I want to preface this blog post by saying that the beliefs of those in my community – my home country –  are very different from my beliefs. The history of my country has made it so that many are blinded by hatred and false nationalism to overcompensate for their lack of global importance, and…

  • The Beirut Barrack Bombings of 1983

    The Beirut Barrack Bombings of 1983 were a tragic terrorist attack committed against multinational peacekeeping forces deployed to help stabilize the region and have been very much forgotten and un-talked about. The Clarke Forum lecture on this event was presented by three speakers; Professor Mireille Rebeiz, James G. Breckenridge, provost of the U.S. Army War…

  • First Blog Post

    I grew up in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a small eastern European country, about four years after being bombed by NATO. The reasoning behind the bombing is not a topic I will be discussing right now; however, I will explain how it created a growing hatred for Western states and media in my country.…

  • Hello world!

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