The Buzz Around My Products

Health and beauty products are everywhere and their use is embedded in everyone’s daily routine.  I, personally, never thought about the number or types of products that I use until I began to log my use.  Around day 2, I more closely examined my products; in particular I started looking at the ingredients within the products.  What foreign language is this?  I investigated some of the ingredients in order to understand their impact; I assumed that when I used a product regularly, the product, and by extension, the ingredients must be important.  The products that I use don’t “feel” toxic; they don’t smell toxic or feel harmful.  I realize that it a luxury to have products that I use everyday; I rarely have to worry about availability, although now I have begun to think about putting such products on my body and the perceived helpful (and subtle harmful) effects of such products.  I didn’t think about how any of my products were used (or not used) by other demographic groups.  I only thought about a product’s availability and a product’s ingredients.

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