The Wonder That Is Baking Soda

Since our class talked about eco- and body-friendly alternatives to beauty, health, and household products, I’ve researched some more things that you can do with a fan favorite: baking soda. I use it once a week with a bit of water to exfoliate my face, but this guy came up with 75 more uses for the product, ranging from relieving jellyfish stings to cleaning your dentures. With the very reasonable price of  about $2 per package and with little to no deleterious health effects, baking soda is making its way onto my shopping list pronto.

  1. #1 by ryahiel on December 9, 2010 - 8:23 pm

    This is amazing! I want to print his list out and put it on my bathroom wall to remind me of all the good things I can make from baking soda. No only that, I can add it to my current practices (like soaking dry beans for cooking) and make them even better (or in the beans case, more digestible. You know that song, right?… Beans, beans, the magical fruit….). Not only that, but baking soda is better for our bodies. So multi-dimensional! When closed-minded people tell me that there is not alternative to the current products we use, I will forward this link on to them. New information like this is always empowering to me. To know that life CAN be better/we CAN treat life better and how is important. Thanks for putting this up!

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