Health Report in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Did anyone check out the December 2010 issue of Cosmo? There was a really interesting article on health against toxic products. Nicole Blades wrote “What Shouldn’t Go near Your Va-Jay-Jay.” The article lists products that are harmful to vaginal health. This includes sprays, ink, toys, dyes, jewelry, and fragrances. I think it’s awesome that Cosmo is taking steps toward increasing women’s awareness of toxic products. The health warnings give reasoning behind why such products shouldn’t be used and the chemistry to help women understand. For example, scented things alter the pH balance “down there” which leads to growth of bad bacteria. I know countless women that read Cosmopolitan, so I am happy to see that promoting good health through banning use of toxic products is becoming more well-known.


  1. #1 by eolman on December 17, 2010 - 6:43 pm

    i think its great that they are recognizing the harm in these products, but some of the same products they advise against are advertised in the magazine. I don’t think its enough for cosmo to make a list when they promote using these items. To me it compares to recycling for a month and then going back to the same old routine of putting everything in a landfill. I know i’m being a bit harsh on cosmo, but sooo soo soo many people read it. The writers could reach so many women and men. I think it is their responsibility to take action and make people be aware of these products in one month on one page, but every month.

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