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Will pillow plunging be a new trend?

Today was largely about volcanic trends in plunging pillow lavas. We measured orientations of almost 250 pillow lavas along four different walls in a pillow quarry. We don’t have the data stereo-netted yet, but looking at pillows in minute detail… Continue Reading →

Pillows galore

The started out looking to have great pillow promise, but by late afternoon the weather was only pleasant for lavas born in water. However, we gigapaned aplenty and picked apart pillows for senior projects. We even found some dualin’ MCJBs… Continue Reading →

Xenoliths, Dikes and more Pillows

Had a big day on Thursday! We started off with a quick stop at Grænvatn (minus Meagen, Adam and Michael, who had left for the U.S. :(, a small acidic lake filling some explosive craters in the Krusivik area of… Continue Reading →

Playing with pillows

Overview The blog will try to keep people updated on progress of our Dickinson-Wooster expedition in Iceland. We (3 faculty + 6 students) are mapping pillow lavas on the Reykjanes Peninsula, courtesy of several well-placed quarries. The aim of our… Continue Reading →

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