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  • How do international factors empower or hinder some states of the Global South in making progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals compared to other states?

    International factors seem to be very important in the hinderance of the Global South, as the lack of cooperation between nations and international institutions create a stalling of necessary progress. My first point comes from listening to the podcast from the Egypt group. It seems like all of the international action focus was on the […]

  • The Differing Perspectives of Globalization

    The liberal view of globalization is one that is overwhelmingly positive and optimistic about the relationships between nations, while the critical view is very harsh and describes globalization as the result of persistent inequality and exploitation of weaker powers. While I personally am in most agreement with the realist view and its opinions on polarity […]

  • The “Others” in Our Community

    The concept of those that are considered “the others” is always a very interesting topic, yet also a very slippery slope from my perspective. People who I personally consider outsiders in my personal life are those who I have had minimal to no interaction with or those who I know so little about that I […]

  • Blog #1

    There were actually a lot more similarities between the Dickinson Students and the students from the United Arab Emirates than I initially thought. We all hold family as a similar extremely close priority in our lives and consider them to be of the highest importance. All of us also seemed to be interested in athletics […]

  • Hello world!

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