Where Am I???

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog about the Social Fabric Initiative at USD. My name is Halima Ling; I am originally from the Chicago land area, and I am an upcoming Junior over at Dickinson College (man, do I travel a lot). So…let me introduce to you all where I’m at and what’s been going on since I’ve been working the last couple of weeks! The University of San Diego is located on the top of a hill whilst I am in the bottom of Mission Valley, which means that when I drive to work my ears pop like I’m on an airplane haha…Moving away from that, my workplace is at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (or Kroc IPJ that took me weeks to figure out and start saying). I have been working alongside 8 other Interns ranging from ages 20-31 and have been doing everything from helping run events to brainstorming projects. My main work as a Thread Lead has been hands-on with high school students who chose this program to create social justice projects tailored around their favorite or most interested subjects; mine include LGBTQ+ rights, Plastic Pollution, and Alcohol and Drug Prevention. (No worries, I’ll go more into detail about my work in future posts, as well as posts about tourist and dining out spots to go to!)  Thanks for reading my first post everyone; there is more to come with my rants from work to suggestions of tourist spots and advice from my coworkers!