How to Secure an Internship

Obtaining an internship is never easy—rather it is a lengthy process that for me, spanned over months and consisted of numerous phone calls and emails. I began to search for summer internships in early January, where I scoped out the websites of U.S. Representatives, Senators, and governmental organizations to check the requirements and due dates of their summer intern applications.

After that process, I reached out to my personal contacts: family friends, former bosses, and Dickinson alumni who worked or had recently worked in a politically oriented career. By reaching out to these connections, I was fortunate to be asked by a handful of offices for interviews. A few weeks later, I was fortunate to receive an email that I had been accepted to work in Congresswoman Stefanik’s office.

Working on Capitol Hill has been an incredible experience and it is hard to believe I only have a couple of weeks left. So if there’s one thing you can get out of this post it’s this: use your connections. Dickinson has a great network of alumni that are always happy to help other Dickinsonians. It is those connections that form relationships, and those relationships that can create career opportunities.

Thanks for reading!

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