Age of Discontent

Nixon –From Detente to Watergate

Nixon and Kissinger

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger

Woodward and Bernstein

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Washington Post

From Rust Belt to Sun Belt

“Industrial restructuring decimated all workers, but deindustrialization fell heaviest on the city’s African Americans. Although many middle-class Black Detroiters managed to move out of the city’s ghettos, by 1960, 19.7 percent of Black autoworkers in Detroit were unemployed, compared to just 5.8 percent of whites….When riots rocked Detroit in 1967, 25 to 30 percent of Black residents between ages eighteen and twenty-four were unemployed.”  –American Yawp, chapter 28, section VI

Discussion Questions

  • How did issues of race and class intersect and also sometimes collide during the 1970s?  What was the impact on political parties?
  • Why was the American South and West such an attractive outlet for business development in the post-1945 period?

Gender Politics and Resistance in the 1970s


Discussion Questions

  • Why was 1973 such a pivotal year for what the American Yawp describes as the “Politics of Love, Sex, and Gender”?

Rise of Jimmy Carter