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Solnit’s Honors Project: Remembering the ‘Forgotten’ India Lobby

Julianne Greco ’12 Last Thursday, senior history major Becca Solnit presented a chapter from her honors thesis project. In her project, Solnit explores what she calls the “forgotten lobby,” the network of individuals pushing for Indian independence during World War … Continue reading

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Heir to an Execution: feeling out the shades of gray

Julianne Greco ’12 The Rosenberg case remains one of the most famous cases in the United States of alleged espionage and possible government conspiracy during the Red Scare. In her documentary Heir to an Execution, Ivy Meeropol, granddaughter of Julius … Continue reading

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Mapping Out the U.S. in China’s Boxer Rebellion

Julianne Greco ’12 China’s Boxer Rebellion at the turn of the 20th century was a three-way clash and shifting balance of power between Chinese peasants, the Qing Empire, and foreign powers (primarily Western). The Boxers, a religious and mystic-based group, … Continue reading

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Party Mann: Fact Checking in Political Parties & Foreign Policy

Julianne Greco ’12 The journalist James Mann delivered the lecture “Political Parties and U.S. Foreign Policy” last week at Dickinson, as a part of the Clarke Forum’s speaker series. Mann has an impressive resume: he is currently in the author-in-residence … Continue reading

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